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Courses - Subject Areas

Power Electronics and Electric Machines 

ECE 5025       Power Electronics: Devices, Circuits, and Applications

ECE 5042       Power Systems

ECE 5041       Electric Machines

ECE 5541       Sustainable Energy and Power Systems

ECE 7842       Advanced Topics in Electric Machines

Dynamic Systems, Measurement and Control     

ME 5665          Reliability Engineering I

ME 5666          Reliability Engineering II

ME 7370          Measurement Systems and Experimental Techniques

ME 5372          Design and Control of Mechatronic Systems

ME 7290          Digital Control Engineering

ME 7380          Lumped Parameter Modeling and System Analysis

ECE 5551       State-Space Control Systems

ECE 5553       Autonomy in Vehicles

ECE 5754       Nonlinear Systems Theory

ECE 5557       Control System Implementation Laboratory

ECE 7854       Nonlinear and Adaptive Control

ECE 7858       Intelligent Control

ECE 5465       Advanced Microcomputers

ECE 5400       Instrumentation, Signals, and Control in Transportation Applications

ECE 5554       Powertrain Control

ECE 7855       Large Scale and Cyberphysical Systems

ME 5234          Vehicle Dynamics

ME 5339          Simulation Techniques for Dynamic System Analysis and Design

ME 8312          Diesel Powertrain Systems Control

ME 8322          Vehicle System Dynamics and Control          

Signal Processing    

ECE 5200       Introduction to Digital Signal Processing

ECE 6200       Signal Processing

ECE 6202       Stochastic Signal Processing

ME 8320          Digital Signal and Random Data Analysis for Mechanical Systems

ME 5320H       Digital Signal Processing with Mechanical Engineering Applications          


ME 7752          Mechanics and Control of Robots

ECE 5463       Introduction to Real Time Robotics Systems

ECE 6101       Computer Communication Networks

ME 8372          Fault Diagnosis in Dynamic Systems          

Noise, Vibration and Dynamics      

ME 5240          Vibration and Acoustic Design

ME 7250          Vibration of Discrete Systems

ME 8230          Nonlinear Dynamics

ME 8250          Vibration of Continuous Systems

ME 5168          Introduction to the Finite Element Method

ME 5139          Applied Finite Element Method

ME 8260          Advanced Engineering Acoustics          

Computer Aided Design, Engineering & Manufacturing (CAD/CAE/CAM)       

ME 5682          Fundamentals of Product Design Engineering

ME 7761          Optimum Design of Machines and Structures

ME 5680          Computer Aided Design and Manufacturing

ME 5682          Fundamentals of Product Design Engineering

ME 7751          Advanced Kinematics and Mechanisms          

Thermodynamics, Combustion Processes, and Emissions       

ME 5502          Engineering Thermodynamics

ME 8503          Statistical Thermodynamics

ME 8514          Optical Techniques for Flow Measurements

ME 6526          Combustion

ME 7440          Internal Combustion Engine Modeling

ME 7526          Advanced Combustion

ME 5530           Internal Combustion Engines

ME 5531          Automotive Powertrain Laboratory

ME 5427          Introduction to Turbomachinery

ME 7440          Internal Combustion Engine Modeling

Fluid Mechanics and Heat Transfer

ME 6501          Gas Dynamics

ME 6505          Intermediate Fluid Dynamics

ME 6507          Intermediate Numerical Methods

ME 6510          Intermediate Heat and Mass Transfer

ME 8506          Advanced Fluid Dynamics

ME 7511          Computational Fluid Dynamics

ME 7513          Turbulence

ME 7163          Advanced Strength of Materials and Elasticity Theory

ME 7701          Experimental Methods in Movement Biomechanics

ME 5144          Engineering Fracture Mechanics

ME 8043          Advanced Elasticity

ME 5139          Applied Finite Element Method

ME 7163          Advanced Strength of Materials and Elasticity Theory

ME 7765          Principles and Applications of Tribology

ME 7520          Wave Dynamics in Fluids