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The MBDCS Lab has experience in a wide-variety of automotive application areas:

  • Conventional Powertrains and Related Systems
  • Hybrid Powertrains and Related Systems
  • Electric Vehicles and Related Systems
  • Aftertreatment Systems

Within these areas, the team applies the following tools:

  1. System-Level Modeling:  lumped parameter, multi-physics, etc.
  2. High-Fidelity Modeling:  1-D Gas Flow, CFD, FEA, etc.
  3. Applied Control:  marrying modern control theory with the physical constraints of processors and memory; the financial constraints of software and calibration development costs; and the institutional constraints of the calibrators in industry
  4. Fault Diagnosis:  application of fault isolation, detection, and remediation techniques in support of OBD, safety, and robustness
  5. SIL/MIL/PIL/HIL Testing:  for validation and verification of software
  6. Systems Engineering:  understanding and applying system engineering techniques to formally track and verify requirements and specifications through physical and virtual evaluation
  7. Design Theory:  understanding and applying the core tenets of product design to capture requirements, brainstorm and rank solutions, etc. to yield better research products/outcomes