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Automotive Concentrations

Advanced Propulsion Systems

ME 7384 Energy Modeling, Simulation, Optimization and

Control of Advanced Vehicles

ME 7383 Electrochemical Energy Conversion and

Storage Systems for Automotive Applications

 Powertrain Modeling and Control

ME 7236 Powertrain Dynamics

ECE 5554 Powertrain Control

ME 8312 Diesel Powertrain Systems Control

ME 8372 Fault Diagnosis in Dynamic Systems

Internal Combustion Engines

ME 5530 Internal Combustion Engines

ME 5531 Automotive Powertrain Laboratory

ME 5527 Introduction to Turbomachinery

ME 7440 Internal Combustion Engine Modeling

ME 7520 Wave Dynamics in Fluids

Noise, Vibration and Harshness

ME 7260/1 Automotive Noise and Vibration Control I

ME 7262/3 Automotive Noise and Vibration Control II

Electric Power Conversion

ECE 5025  Power Electronics Devices, Circuits and Applications

ECE 5041 Electric Machine Fundamentals

ECE 5541 Sustainable Energy and Power Systems

Vehicle Systems

ME 5234 Vehicle Dynamics

ME 8322 Vehicle System Dynamics and Control

ME 8372 Fault Diagnosis in Dynamic Systems

ECE 5553 Autonomy in Vehicles

ECE 7855 Large Scale and Cyber-Physical Systems

ECE 5400 Instrumentation, Signals, and Control in Transportation Applications