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Powertrain Laboratory

Call Number: ME 5531

Offering: Spring


This course is an intensive laboratory course emphasizing the material taught in an internal combustion engines course.  The main objective is for students to gain a working knowledge of IC engine fundamentals through experimental work and extending this to cover advanced powertrains and vehicles.  Through the course, many of the performance and calibration steps necessary for powertrain development and research are demonstrated.

Learning Objectives: 

Upon completing the course, students will be able to:

  1. To relate theoretical knowledge on internal combustion engines to practice
  2. To analyze, interpret, and communicate data from vehicle powertrain experiments
  3. To design and conduct experiments on automotive powertrains using modern experimental equipment
  4. To understand and have familiarity with advanced technology vehicles and alternative fuels
  5. To develop an understanding and appreciation of the role of electronic control in modern engines
  6. To understand the calibration process and trade-offs in powertrain development
  7. To develop an appreciation for the important role and impact of automotive technology on society